Chief Digital Officer : Korn Ferry’s Top 5 for 2015Source:   Korn Ferry   09-04-2015 12:09:55
The most in-demand C-level positions for the year ahead.

The Top 5:
* Chief Commercial Officer
* Chief Innovation Officer
* Chief Digital Officer
* Chief Cyber Security Officer
* Chief Sustainability Officer

Chief Digital Officer – The responsibilities of this role are morphing as a fast as the social media landscape itself. These executives are digitizing legacy applications, or rapidly enabling new apps for utilization on mobile devices. They also play a key role in orchestrating social media strategy. If a company can’t connect with customers and create engaging content – it will no longer be relevant....

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The Growing Clout of Chief Digital Officer: Dangerous Signs for CIOs? Source:   Chief Digital Officer   09-03-2015 03:50:08
Which statement(s), do you think, are true?

•The Chief Digital Officer (CDO) will replace the CIO

•The CDO is ranked among top three most sought after C-level positions for 2015

•CDOs will be among the highest paid job titles in 2015 ...

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Chief Digital Officers Now Attached to More Than $1 Trillion in Global SalesSource:   Chief Digital Officer   09-03-2015 03:40:31
Over the past ten months – since we last provided a quantitative update on the state of CDO affairs – new chief digital officer appointments have been announced at a steady, if not accelerated, pace. And the total amount of global revenues that CDOs now influence surpasses $1 trillion. ...

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THE INTERNET OF THINGS: MAPPING THE VALUE BEYOND THE HYPESource:   McKinsey & Company   08-31-2015 01:58:47
The Internet of Things—digitizing the physical world—has received enormous attention. In this research, the McKinsey Global Institute set out to look beyond the hype to understand exactly how IoT technology can create real economic value. Our central finding is that the hype may actually understate the full potential of the Internet of Things—but that capturing the maximum benefits will require an understanding of where real value can be created and successfully addressing a set of systems issues, including interoperability....

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The Rise of the Chief Digital OfficerSource:   Russell Reynolds Associates   08-29-2015 01:25:57
The challenges and opportunities for businesses in this digital age are enormous. Companies need to be fleet-footed to keep pace with changing technology and consumer behavior. Business strategies now must be seamlessly interwoven with ever-expanding digital strategies that address not only the web but also mobile, social, local and whatever innovation there may be around the corner. ...

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